FAMILIES FOR THE FUTURE INC is a nonprofit organization since 1980.

We have provided aid to thousands of people for over 30 years. Emerged in compassion with the purpose to help families in various third world countries living without hope to overcome and look forward to a bright future; with the purpose of contributing and educating a segment of society living in extreme destitute forgotten of the wonder living in extreme destitute forgotten of the wonders of the country, with effort and hard work.

Every donation is intended and used purely to the cause with compassion and transparency without discrimination of race, religion, culture or color. We work with a group of professional volunteers who donate their efforts, time, and finances so others can enjoy a splendid future.

Meet Our Board Members

Pedro Nieves

President and Founder

44 years of service as a missionary, moderator, and coordinator to Latin and North America, Caribbean, and other countries.

Orbis Nieves

Vice President

Graduate of Southeastern University,  Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Real Estate agent, Coordinator of mission’s construction projects and human service programs.

Eleonor Ferre


Retired teacher from Department of Education, New York.

Carmen Rivera

Director of Finance

Graduate of University of Puerto Rico San Juan Pharmacy Tech. Supervisor of Pharmacy in Mission Clinics.

Mike Barton

Executive Member

Graduate of Austin Peay State University Bachelor of Music and Education, President of Health Insurance of Florida, Professional Fund Raiser.

Meet Our Committee Members

Myra Nieves

Director of Children’s Ministry

Graduate of University of Puerto Rico BA in Business Administration.

Elley Toro

Licensed Nurse

Graduate of Columbia College Puerto Rico, doctor’s Assistant, Hygiene Instructor.

Denisse Alicea

Domestic Program Coordinator

Graduate of University of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Coordinator for local fund raising programs and general assistant.

Elsa Marina Gómez MD & Roselven Rivas MD


Universidad de San Carlos, Guatemala.

Mary J. Nieves

Medical Assistant

Senior Provider Representative, Children’s Assistant Coordinator, Missions Pharmacy Tech.

Construction Team

George Blevins
Keith Britton
Robert Langevin
Ed Hammond
David Finkel
Randy Baublitz
Asher Clement